Smart City grapples with flooding

THE GOAN NETWORK | JUNE 24, 2022, 12:03 AM IST


The capital city struggled to cope with heavy rains with a number of low-lying areas in Panaji inundated on Thursday.

While shopkeepers were seen trying to prevent water from entering their shops, people were struggling to finding their way through water-logged roads and motorists, especially those on two-wheelers, found it difficult to travel.

The Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) workers were busy at work to clear rainwater from the waterlogged roads in places like the KTC bus stand, Campal and Miramar Circle.

The CCP has been trying to clean the St Inez Nullah near Caculo Mall to enable water to flow into the sea.

"Water logging was not major problem. Water drained into the river after the rains stopped. CCP has cleared all gutters and Nullahs on a war footing,” said CCP Deputy Mayor Sanjiv Naik.

The retaining wall and compound of Kamat Riviera at Caranzalem collapsed due to heavy rain. The residential complex, however, was not harmed.

Water entered the shops near Bombay Bazaar along the 18 June road, while the entrance to the Panaji police headquarters was also flooded.

The EDC Patto Panaji area was also filled with water, as was the case at the entrance to the Atal Setu filled from the Old Goa Bypass side.

A number of people were heard bitterly criticising the government for failing to take effective measures to prevent flooding in several parts of Panaji whenever heavy rains lash the capital city.

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