SWR starts handheld terminals service in all 3 divisions

The Goan Network | SEPTEMBER 23, 2022, 12:54 AM IST
SWR starts handheld terminals service in all 3 divisions

A TTE displaying the hand held terminal being used on a train.

In its endeavour towards innovation and to promote Digital India initiative, South Western Railways (SWR) has introduced handheld terminals service in all three divisions for the benefit of passengers. The initiative will also boost the service to travelers.  

“Handheld terminals ensure real-time seat availability and enhance transparency in seat allotment. It will also enhance utilisation of berths which lie vacant after chart preparation due to no-show or last-minute cancellations,” SWR Chief PRO Aneesh Hegde said.  

“Accordingly, the wait-listed passengers will benefit and this will also avoid printing the chart on papers and facilitate smooth berth allotment by TTE,” Hegde added.  

The terminals have been introduced on the Yeshwantpur-Vasco Express in August and are being implemented successfully.  

Bengaluru Division has five pairs of premium trains (Shatabdi Express, Sir M. Visvesvaraya Terminal-Kochuveli Humsafar Express, Krishnarajapuram-Bubhaneswar Humsafar Express, Sir M. Visvesvaraya Terminal-Howrah Humsafar Express and Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal – Patna Jn. Humsafar Express) and ̄58 pairs of major trains in 7 phases.  

“Handheld Terminals will be rolled out in another 26 pairs of major trains and six pairs of premium trains in Goa region in the near future.” Hegde informed.  

In Mysuru Division, handheld terminals have been introduced in 16 pairs of major trains in three phases.

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