Tawadkar-Gaude feud results in loss for organisers, artistes



The cancellation of the 5th Kala Utsav (Art Festival) 2024 at Indrawada-Gaondongrim on the eve of its scheduled presentation on Sunday evening has left people in the area disappointed, especially since they had been anticipating a variety of rich cultural performances by troupes from different parts of Goa and Maharashtra.

The Indreshwar Youth Club (IYC) of Indrawada-Gaondongrim had successfully hosted the previous four editions of the event to packed audiences and its Kala Utsav had gained reputation in the cultural map of Goa.

Sources told The Goan that elaborate arrangements, including food, flowers, costumes, had been made by the organisers for the event to ensure the success of the Kala Utsav, which was to have been inaugurated by Art and Culture Minister Govind Gaude, with Director of Art and Culture Sagun Velip as the guest of honour.

“Many people had been looking forward to the event on Sunday, including the groups from different parts of Goa and neighboring Maharashtra State. It was a huge disappointment and a loss not only for the local and outstation artistes, but also for the hundreds of people who were looking forward to enjoy the performances of these groups," stated a villager of Gaondongrim.  

When asked to comment on the sudden and unexpected cancellation of the art festival, which had been co-hosted by the Art and Culture Department, Art and Culture Minister Govind Gaude said he had a number of events in his constituency on Sunday.

“I had three programmes in my constituency. I had not given confirmation to the organisers because of my hectic schedule,” said Gaude.

When contacted, Poinguinim ZP Shobhana Velip said though her name was included in the list of Guest for the Kala Utsav at Indrawada-Gaondongrim, in reality she was neither approached nor invited to attend the programme.

"I was not informed, but someone mentioned to me that the club organisers were supposed to inform me on Saturday. Eventually, the programme got cancelled, but no one approached me to even inform about the cancellation of the event. I learnt through some sources on Sunday that the Kala Utsav programme by Indreshwar Youth Club has been cancelled," said Shobhana.

Gaondongrim Sarpanch Dhillon (Yeshwant) Dessai, who had been one of the guests of honour, said the event, which has been organised by the club in association with Art and Culture Department, was cancelled by the club itself.

"I was told by the ward panch of the Indrawada area on Friday itself that something was likely to happen following some differences within over the guest list for the event. Incidentally, I feel that the feud between some persons is eventually a big loss for the people, who have lost the many cultural performances scheduled for the evening”, he said.

“Though Kala Utsav has gained the fame and is a very prominent activity in the village by this private club, it is eventually the people who have been denied one of the best cultural events in the village," the sarpanch added.

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