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Tiatrists left out of Margao Ravindra Bhavan board

THE GOAN NETWORK | JUNE 30, 2023, 11:53 PM IST


Ravindra Bhavan, Margao is often dubbed as the Mecca of Konkani tiatr, considering the number of tiatr shows staged in the premiere cultural institution.

Strange it may seem, but true that tiatrists have not found a place in the newly-concluded General Council of Ravindra Bhavan, leave alone a tiatrist heading the cultural body.

That’s not all. Though Ravindra Bhavan, Margao is a cultural centre for the whole of Salcete, there’s hardly any representation for Saxttikars on the body. BJP Davorlim ZP member, Paresh Naik is the lone member from a Salcete village on the Governing Council, with most of the members hailing either from Margao or Fatorda.

In fact, the absence of tiatrists and artists from the Konkani stage on the Ravindra Bhavan’s General Council has become a talking point in art and culture circles. Questions are being raised how come the Ravindra Bhavan, which generates major chunk of revenue through the staging of Konkani tiatr, could not find a tiatrist on the general council.

That’s not all. The Ravindra Bhavan auditorium has been named after the Father of Konkani Tiatr, Pai Agostinho Fernandes, but the absence of tiatrists on the panel has only thrown up questions amongst the tiatr fraternity.

Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) president Menino de Bandar questioned why no tiatrist was in the 10-member governing council. “It has indeed come as a shock and surprise that no tiatrist has been inducted on the newly-constituted panel. Tiatr has been a major revenue generation source for the Ravindra Bhavan, with the Pai Tiatrist hall playing host to non-stop tiatr show”, Menino said.

He further demanded to know why eminent personalities from the field of art and culture have not found a mention on the Ravindra Bhavan governing council. “Since Ravindra Bhavan, Margao represents the whole of Salcete, personalities from the taluka ought to have found a place on the cultural institution”, he added.

Noted tiatrist Price Jacob has expressed his shock and surprise over the exclusion of tiatrists. “I have no idea why tiatrist have not found a place on the council. May be the government thinks tiatrists are against them, which is not a reality, since we only highlight the ills plaguing the society”, he said.

He added: “When Ravindra Bhavan is considered the Mecca of Tiatr and the auditorium named after Pai Tiatrist, we are shocked that tiatrists are not included on the panel. Induction of tiatrists would have not only given representation to the tiatr fraternity, but would have help the fraternity to take up issues plaguing the Ravindra Bhavan”.

Noted tiatrist, Arnold D’Costa, who is also heading the Konkani non-stop Tiatristanchi Saunstha, offered no comments on the exclusion of tiatrists from the Ravindra bhavan Governing Council, but said he would take up with the newly-appointed Chairman, Rajendra Talak, besides the Minister Govind Gawde and Art and Culture Director, Shagun Velip the issues plaguing Ravindra Bhavan, including the inordinate delay in opening the Ravindra Bhavan canteen.

Officials of the Directorate of Art and Culture were tightlipped over the constitution of the Ravindra Bhavan Governing Council, preferring not to offer any comments as the newly-constituted panel has kicked up a row over the exclusion of original BJP workers from Margao on the panel.

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