Traffic diversion plans to help elevated corridor work in Porvorim unveiled

The Goan Network | MAY 15, 2024, 12:33 AM IST
Traffic diversion plans to help elevated corridor work in Porvorim unveiled

An internal Sangolda road which was recently widened and hotmixed.

Photo Credits: Agnelo Pereira


As the government prepares for the commencement of work on the six-lane elevated corridor in Porvorim, plans for managing traffic diversions during the construction period have been unveiled.  

A strategic approach has been devised, with the administration identifying alternative routes to redirect vehicular traffic moving between Panaji and Mapusa.  

Internal roads in Guirim, Sangolda, and Vaddem have been widened and reinforced to accommodate vehicles, serving as diversion routes. Additionally, a dedicated five-meter stretch along the existing national highway will remain open to facilitate the passage of ambulances and essential vehicles.  

Further easing the burden, a 15-meter-wide bypass road from Chogm to Damian de Goa has been planned, aiming to alleviate congestion on primary routes. Officials emphasize that these diversions are tailored for light vehicles, while heavy traffic, including buses and trucks, will be rerouted via the Chogm road, traversing through the Calangute church en route to Mapusa.  

Local bus services will utilize the designated stretch on the national highway, ensuring continued accessibility for passengers at key points along the route.  

Essential goods transportation and buses will be permitted on the Mapusa-Panaji corridor, with non-essential cargo redirected from the Sanquelim side to minimize disruption.  

Preemptive measures, including the installation of signboards at diversion points, have been finalized to streamline traffic management.  

These signages will be deployed as soon as diversions become necessary, coinciding with the commencement of construction activities slated for the final week of June.  

Given the phased nature of construction, initial disruptions will be localized, with the focus on the stretch from Neo-Magistic Hotel to Mall de Goa. However, officials caution that significant traffic diversions will occur when work progresses from O’Coqueiro to Sangolda junction, addressing one of the region’s most congested areas.  

As the administration gears up to implement traffic diversions in tandem with the elevated corridor’s construction, stakeholders are urged to remain vigilant and cooperate with authorities to ensure smooth progress of the project.

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