Thursday 28 Sep 2023

Video of reckless driving goes viral on social media, 1 booked

The Goan Network | SEPTEMBER 19, 2023, 01:13 AM IST


Hours after a video surfaced depicting car occupants involved in reckless stunts while the vehicle was in motion, the Traffic Police took action by booking one Nitin Redkar of Vasco under the Motor Vehicles Act.

“A video has been doing the rounds in social media regarding a tourist vehicle flouting some traffic rules. It is to be clarified that the information regarding the same has reached Traffic Police and legal action has already been taken under section 184 (c ) of the MV Act, which relates to Dangerous Driving,” Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Akshat Kaushal said on Monday.

The video, widely circulated across various social media platforms, showed two men and a woman, precariously sitting on and around the car’s windows. The video also captured them consuming alcohol.

The State has been reporting a concerning pattern of similar traffic offenses, mostly involving tourists. These incidents have included them driving their vehicles along beaches and engaging in dangerous stunts amidst moving traffic.

One particular case involved a girl who was seen driving topless on the Parra coconut tree road, which sparked a debate regarding the behaviour of tourists in Goa to the extent that the matter was raised in the legislative assembly.

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