World Photographic Cup - 2022: Goan photographer to represent team India



Goan photographer Rohan Goes will be representing team India in the upcoming World Photographic Cup 2022 with his team of photographers from across the nation. 

It is for the second time that Rohan is representing team India as a team captain. “This is like the Olympics for the photographers. There are six categories and three medals in each category. The highest-scoring team wins the trophy. This year I am setting my hopes high with great entries,” states Rohan. 

He became a member of United Asian Professional Photographers (UAPP) before creating a national team for India to participate at WPC2021. He also became a member of the United Goan Photographers & Videographers Association (UGVPA) to get more professional photographers to participate along with him and to take team India at the international level. Rohan made history by taking Team India to represent for the first time in 2021. It is for the second time that he will be representing Team India. 

Rohan who was Team India Captain last year, had Slaney Maciel, Aaron Lopes Pereira and Mark Miranda with him who participated in different categories. This year he has Aaron Lopes Pereira, Slaney Maciel, Jhuma Datta, Swati Chakraborty as of now and is expecting more professional photographers to join his team.

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