Foreigners cultivating marijuana in Goa is a matter of concern

SRIDHAR D IYER, Caranzalem | OCTOBER 18, 2020, 12:35 AM IST

In recent days, we read about foreign nationals beingarrested for growing intoxicating plants (grass, weeds, ganja, marijuana etc)in their apartments and backyards in Goa. Perhaps they are taking the literalmeaning of the slogan ‘Green Goa, Clean Goa’ and are under the impression thatas coconut trees were once declared as ‘grass’, therefore they can too can growgrass in Goa. It is really a matter of grave concern that foreigners areimprudent and brazen enough to grow and peddle drugs in Goa (and also in otherparts of India). They know that they can walk out on bail by using variousdubious means. Would these foreigners have the guts to carry out similaractivities in Singapore, Indonesia or in the Gulf? In these countries, thepunishment for drug dealers and users is quick, harsh and even capital. InIndia, most of the jails small-time criminals, who have either been charged or evenforgotten to be charged by the cops, are languishing. Hence, the cops and courtdeem fit to release the drug dealers on bail and surety. Moreover, it is atedious task for the cops to chargesheet and prove a drug case because big andfaceless players rule the roost. Since a clap needs two hands, hence we cannotblame only the foreigners but even our people who are hand in gloves with suchnefarious elements. It is high time that these people are weeded out to protectthe society (especially the youngsters) from falling prey to drugpeddlers.        

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