Saturday 30 Sep 2023

Heightened curiosity in existence of aliens

NELSON LOPES, Chinchinim | SEPTEMBER 18, 2023, 07:10 PM IST

The exploration in outer space has heightened curiosity  in the existence of  extra terrestrials. In the vast universe the possibility of life  like on earth  is a real possibility , unless as Catholics believe that God created earth  with  humans, etc. The pictures depicted , conceptualised  are only artist impression? All stories of sightings, crashes with aliens, encounters, abductions have been dismissed as fertile  imagination. Speculations are ripe over habitations in Antartica or underwater. Rumours of aliens on the moon or Mars are furthering imaginations of reality at hand. The abandoning of planned Apollo moon missions, secrecy and silence over  serious observations  and reasons for  abrupt discontinuation and now active programme does not make sense. Arousal of interest in aliens but no explanation  about their  food habits, clothing, process of breathing. longevity, origin of aliens in comparison  with humans. Will space missions finally reveal the truth of existence of aliens as real and hidden by knowledgeable nations? Pictures and stories with some graphic details fuel hunger for the  truth that we are not alone.

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