Saturday 20 Jul 2024

India-Canada relations facing major crisis


The ties between India and Canada have seen deterioration with Ottawa recently suspending negotiations on trade treaty with New Delhi.   These ties, driven by trade and presence of a large Indian diaspora in Canada have soured as India claims that Canada is soft on Khalistani supporters. On the other hand, Canada has accused India of interfering in domestic politics. Couple of months back, three major anti-India incidents involving Khalistani separatists were reported in Canada. However, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has shown a lax attitude without taking punitive action against the group.   India has also requested countries like the US, UK and Australia not to give space to extremist Khalistanis for their anti-India propaganda.  Sadly, no concrete steps have been taken by these countries to curb their activities. The minority Sikhs in Canada have the capability to mobilise rallies and parades in support of Khalistan. Pakistan, one of the original sponsors of Khalistan, still provides safe haven to Khalistanis for its anti-India propaganda.  Earlier, senior Trudeau survived a minority government and his son Justin Trudeau too survived with the backing of the new Democratic Party headed by Jagmeet Singh, an arch Khalistani whom the Canadian PM didn't want to displease.

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