Thursday 04 Mar 2021

Mobile connectivity issues despite having a tower

RONNIE D'SOUZA, Chandor | JANUARY 28, 2021, 12:31 AM IST

People in Goa are suffering because of network connectivity. In many places, it is the absence of a mobile tower that results in poor connectivity, but in Chandor it is not so. We the people of Chandor-Cavorim and Guirdolim are at a loss to understand how in spite of having a tower near the Chandor railway station there is problem in the newtwork. The subscribers of Vi Vodafone Idea are facing network problems for more than a week. I don't know if other areas too are facing similar problems. What's the use of paying money for data? We celebrated 72nd Republic Day and the citizens of this country till today are suffering mobile connectivity issues. Considering Goa's image as a tourist destination the mobile companies should ensure top-end connectivity at all times. Hope the Vi company solves this issue as soon as possible and ensures better service to its valuable customers.

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