Wednesday 07 Jun 2023

Nobody wants reforms in Indian politics

BABLUIS PEREIRA, Pomburpa | SEPTEMBER 22, 2022, 08:14 PM IST

The people are fed up and tired of having at every election to listen and see personally the same faces make promises and varied paper manifestos to woo the voters. Our rulers boast that India is a developed nation. Yes, and that we are seeing India on the lighter side shining with our beloved Prime Minister Modi's scheme and on the darker side India is burning in poverty, inflation and unemployment. The seeds sown in every election manifesto have not taken root in the gardens of rural India. Needless to say, that there is no free and fair election conducted in the country. Every election is fought with money, inducement and muscle power.

Politics has become a big business of defecting from one party to another. Crores of rupees are offered for political rumblings. Each political party displays its policies. But nobody wants reforms to put the Indian politics in the right direction. Let us wait and see who and when will they be able to deliver us the goal of progress, sovereignty and feel good.   


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