Replant trees that have been cut on Colva-Margao Road

ARWIN MESQUITA, Colva | MARCH 18, 2023, 11:22 PM IST

When the Colva-Margao main road was being widened, a lot of trees were mercilessly chopped off for the same which was hard to bear,  but even if the response is that it is for development; to my understanding it is mandatory to replace them with at least the same number of trees!  Hence my question to the Goa Government  is why is not following the mandatory requirement to grow more trees in replacement on either side of the widened road? Or is it in line with the absurd officially stated/compromise from the Goa Govt, that trees cut in Goa will be replaced with trees planted in other States? And as we see in most parts of Goa the latter replacement is hardly followed in practice... and if this case looks like another sad statistic! Goa is witnessing record high temperatures and whilst yes overall we are facing a global warming crisis, the fact remains that chopping of so many trees in Goa is worsening the heat in Goa; not to mention the water resources where the trees also play a pivotal role. And here the Goa government instead of working to mitigate the threat is actually facilitating a worse situation.   I request the Goa Chief Minister, The Environment Minister, PWD Minister and the local MLA to please look at the urgent need to replant trees on either side of the widened Colva Margao main road.


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