Tuesday 26 Sep 2023

Zero tolerance towards driving on the beach


The Verna police have reportedly registered an offence against an unidentified driver of an SUV who drove in a rash and negligent manner on Arossim Beach and ploughed through a flock of brown headed seagulls, resulting in the death of two birds. Recently a tourist car got stuck in the sand at Morjim beach. It is pertinent to note that the Morjim Beach is a turtle nesting site in North Goa. Driving on the beach can also destroy the micro-organisms and other marine life. It also leads to destruction of sand dunes leading to loss of biodiversity. Driving on the beaches also poses danger to the other visitors to the beach, especially little children playing on the sand and elderly citizens. If not for any other reasons people should not indulge in such illegal acts at least for the sake of their vehicles.  The most pressing issue could be getting the car out when the tyres get stuck in the wet sand. There should be zero tolerance towards driving on the beach sand. Signboards warning people against driving on the beach need to be put up.

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