Coastal illegalities: GCZMA in focus

ARWIN MESQUITA, Colva | SEPTEMBER 30, 2022, 10:58 PM IST

Apropos to the recent decision by NGT drawing the line on structures beyond beach carrying capacity and also setting aside GCZMA nods for constructions at Sernabatim-Colva.  

The question that comes to mind is the role of GCZMA officials – are they there to protect the coast or allow specific individuals and businesses houses to destroy it? 

What are the concerned GCZMA officials getting from these specific individuals/businesses, so as to allow them to destroy our beaches and the coast? 

All fingers point to nothing but corruption in coastal body. It is high time these people are jailed and heavily fined for accumulating wealth disproportionate to their sources of income. 

No matter how many times the justice system stops their misadventures, these specific officials will carry on with their corrupt activities unless heavily punished.  

Also, this brings to focus the Environment Minister's responsibility. Is it not his job to protect the environment and coast? Why is it that NGOs and courts have to step in all the time? 

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