Of re-building temples and uniform civil codes

R FERNANDES, Margao | MAY 23, 2022, 11:23 PM IST

The CM is reported as saying there is nothing wrong with re-building temples of yore. He further states that the Uniform Civil Code must be enforced in India. First off, the government was given a mandate by the current living citizens. The budget, what comes in is from the people and what goes out must be for the sole purposes of the current citizens. They are least concerned with history. History spans hundreds of years and not just 450. One must be fair and consistent in such matters. That is why it is wrong.

Goa’s Uniform Civil Code mandates that all births, marriages, and deaths must be recorded. In this case, where is the need for the Ladli Laxmi Scheme? By the code no one can marry when underage. BJP governance has no logic or even sanctity of law. Just too many cooks and no one to ask why.


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