Tuesday 26 Sep 2023

People should vote wisely and conscientiously today

ASHLEY NORONHA, Fatorda | AUGUST 09, 2022, 08:40 PM IST

We will yet again go to the polls and an exciting electoral battle at the grass root level is in store for all of us. The panchayat elections scheduled for today would have drawn the battle lines between several parties in our state by now. Several candidates have been elected unopposed without à fight, some have to yet face the ire of the electorate. Hope the monsoon rains don't play spoil sport on election day by reduced percentages in polling. The candidates of the ruling dispensation the BJP have an edge over others, and the opposition candidates will have to spring a surprise by sheer garnering of popular votes. Many parts of the south are traditional Congress vote banks as compared to the north where the field is wide open for either parties and others in the fray. Grass root politics play a pivotal role in mainstream panchayat elections to determine the final outcome. People should vote wisely and conscientiously. People are familiar with all the popular faces on the ground knowing fully well their mettle and capabilities to deliver the desired works in their respective wards.

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