Saturday 26 Nov 2022

Street justice needs to be avoided


The Vasco police on Thursday arrested three persons identified in a viral video where a group of people was seen assaulting a mentally challenged man on false charges of kidnapping a minor at Kharewado in the port town. 

According to the police the accused persons formed an unlawful assembly and allegedly assaulted the mentally unsound person from Puducherry with blows, slaps, kicks, sticks causing him injury. 

Whatever may be the reason it is improper for citizens to take law into their own hands. When people take the law into their own hands, they punish someone instead of waiting for the police or the legal system to take action. 

This is also referred to as street justice which is the punishment given by members of the public to people regarded as criminals or wrongdoers. 

It is the duty of the State to ensure maintenance of law and order. Violence by any vigilante group also needs to be curbed. It is the job of the law enforcement agency to carry out a probe and take necessary action. 

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