Wednesday 28 Sep 2022

Vote for those who will work for your village

RONNIE D'SOUZA, Chandor | AUGUST 09, 2022, 08:41 PM IST

Finally the panchayat election day has come and campaigning was tough due to multiple candidates in the fray from the same ward and there is a chance for spilt in votes.  More than candidates the MLAs 'yes men' in the village are very interested to see that their candidates win.  No matter their qualification, their role, responsibility towards their village, these people will make locals dance to their tunes after winning the elections. The 'chamchas' are seen going to each ward to beg for votes and to buy the votes of outsiders who call themselves Goans. They are getting sleepless nights as they fear the strong educated candidates and are spoiling their names so that the uneducated candidate win.

On the election day many candidates' vehicles will come to your door step to take you to the polling station and will tell you whom to vote for. Remember that voting is your right and you should know your candidate who was working on the ground with you for years. Vote for the right candidate. When you sell your vote you don't have any right to blame them for the next five years.

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