Wednesday 25 Nov 2020

Citizens need to give rolling shield to smoothest operator

R Fernandes, Margao | NOVEMBER 22, 2020, 12:32 AM IST

Hill cutting is banned in Goa.  A local MLA leases out his Hill to Buildcon and says he does not know if the latter  had permissions to raise the hill!?? Wow! Imagine: you lease out your hill to a third party, who uses the rubble for a fee and you end up with a commercial zone land without any permissions!

Cortalim MLA ‘hopes good sense will prevail and the controversial projects will be shelved’. As a ruling party member, how the projects came to this final stage without her knowledge?

Congress stopped the bus of an ISL team to press for local contracts. Reports say ‘some local buses will be used’!  What is the bottom line? How did they decide to negotiate on behalf of Goans?  The reason why the old guards are retained is because they are all smooth operators!

AAP is working on ‘minor’ hiccups. Why are they not disclosing the ISL losses to Goa? They are not seeking more power to the Lokayukta. They are not cornering the Govt. for rejecting the Lokayukta’s findings! They prefer to be the side shows in the theatre of life? Citizens need to give an annual rolling shield to the ‘Smoothest Operator’!

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