Driving in the rains a tricky proposition

ADELMO FERNANDES, Vasco | MAY 23, 2022, 11:24 PM IST

There has been a spurt in the number of accidents reported in the state, some of them ending in fatalities. The state is witnessing heavy showers in several places. Vehicular drivers need to exercise caution while driving during a heavy shower. Many of the road accidents that happen during the rainy season are because the tyres do not get much grip on the road. Hence while applying brakes they cannot stop in time. Rain causes accidents through a combination of several physical effects which includes impaired visibility due to rain on the windshield and spray from other vehicles. Even with windshield wipers operating, the splashing of rain periodically blocks vision. The showers worsen the condition of city roads, turning the muddy dug-up roads marshy and slippery. It would be desirable for all road-digging activities to come to a complete halt before the rains. Old tyres of the vehicles need to be replaced with new ones. Two-wheeler riders are more at risk due to slippery road conditions. Speeding up while driving a vehicle in the rain is a big ‘no’.

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