Tuesday 19 Jan 2021

Need lawmakers having integrity

AIRES RODRIGUES, Ribandar | JANUARY 12, 2021, 12:30 AM IST

The Vice-President of India Venkaiah Naidu on his visit to Goa has rightly highlighted the need to address the trust deficit between people and legislators. The legislators must stay connected to the people by meeting their needs and aspirations. As Venkaiah Naidu has pointed out, the legislators must empower the people and not themselves. Good governance is all about hearing the voice of the people and not crushing their right to oppose projects that are against the interests of the State and its fragile environment. Good governance is about empowering people with honest information and facts, to enable them to work with the government to achieve solutions to issues that are of paramount importance. While we claim to be the world’s largest democracy, we are sadly enveloped in a dictatorial regime that does not care about the people’s voice.

For the proper administration of the State, the bureaucracy, including the police force, has to act independently and judiciously free from any political interference or manipulation. Sadly, in Goa, the ground and factual reality are not so while the administration has meekly surrendered as political slaves of those in power.

We elect legislators not for cutting ribbons and breaking coconuts at hot-mixing of roads but to be excellent outstanding lawmakers and to enact good laws while extensively debating issues concerning the betterment besides the welfare of the people and State.

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