Of virtual worship and keeping the faith

A F NAZARETH, Alto-Porvorim | SEPTEMBER 16, 2020, 06:40 PM IST

In the time of the pandemic, senior citizens are happywith the endless number of online streaming of masses that areavailable at any time of the day. Many, as a result, have become morereligious and spiritual. Let us now recall what Jesus Christ said inthe gospel of John to the Samaritan woman who wanted to know whattrue worship is: “The hour is coming when you shall worship theFather neither on the mountain nor in Jerusalem. But the hour iscoming and indeed is here when the true worshippers will worship theFather in spirit and truth, for that is the kind of worship theFather wants”(Jn, 4: 21, 23). The question which therefore arisesis whether the time has already arrived in these days of thepandemic, and whether the faithful are fulfilling their obligationsby worshipping God in “spirit and truth” with the help of onlinemasses and without having to go to a church or a place of worship.

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