PWD needs to recruit more staff to function efficiently

ADELMO FERNANDES, Vasco | AUGUST 09, 2022, 08:37 PM IST

It is shocking to note that PWD Minister Nilesh Cabral on Monday admitted that he is having difficulty in carrying out various works as the Public Works Department is presently working with hardly 50 per cent of the required engineering staff strength.  Being a service department, it is entrusted with all the developmental activities like planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of all types of construction works in this State of Goa. It is learnt that of the 750 odd vacancies of engineers in the PWD, almost 400 are vacant. It must be said that the citizens are put to great inconvenience due to potholes on the roads. This has also led to several road accidents, many of them resulting in fatalities. PWD also looks after water supply and sanitation. In many areas in the state there is shortage of water which is supplied by the PWD.  For the department to work efficiently it needs to have adequate staff. Necessary recruitment of  staff of this important department needs to be carried out on a war footing. 

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