Tuesday 19 Jan 2021

VVIPs' visit puts police, public to great hardships

STEPHEN DIAS, Dona Paula | JANUARY 12, 2021, 12:29 AM IST

Hundreds of policemen in this hour of the pandemic were asked to stay on duty for long hours to ensure that the VVIP journey/route was well guarded for long hours. They were seen standing without even drinking water, forget about food. These VVIPs must understand that the public has been asked to stay safe at home, so why are they travelling? This is not the time to inspect, inaugurate or go sightseeing. We all know that there is a shortage of manpower in the police force and the Chef Minister is busy inviting more dignitaries to the State. The police stop us for parking our vehicles on roads where these VVIPs prefer to visit. Our vehicles are even towed away. Every time these VVIPs come, we see boards with picture of the VVIP in complete violation of defacement of public property law. 

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