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Crime Branch raids godowns with illegally stacked foodgrains

| AUGUST 17, 2019, 04:58 AM IST

the goan I network


The crime branch on Friday raided godowns behind HP petrol pump Colvale and Tisk-Karapur and seize the food grains to be distributed in fair price shops being illegally stacked in the private godowns.

The police have registered an FIR against the culprits under Sec 406 of IPC and Corruption Prevention Act 13.   

It is alleged that the said rice and wheat which was supposed to be delivered in a fair price shop has been downloaded illegally at Colvale and Usgao-Tisk.

The said food grains were repacked in different bags and was black marketed to Kolhapur.   

Under Nation Food Security Act (NFSA) the food grains are issued under subsidised rates to the people though a network of around 450 fair price shops in the State.  

The food grains from national food corporation arrives through railway route and is stored in Vasco and Verna central godowns. This grains are then distributed through local godowns to fair price shops.

These illegal activity was on radar of Crime Branch officials from many days. Finally the Crime Branch sleuths conducted the raid. Now with this raid it has come to light that blackmarketing racketeers have been operating in the State.

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