Tuesday 16 Aug 2022

Dy Director DGFT to meet exporters every Monday

Ever since Goods-and-Service-Tax (GST) was rolled out, exporters have remained worried about the compliance related issues of the newly introduced tax. What makes their life more difficult is the fact that there is no full-time Director of Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) as of now in Goa.

the goan I network | AUGUST 15, 2017, 04:47 AM IST


To help the matters, the Deputy Director of DGFT from Mumbai, K M Harilal, will come to Goa every Monday to speak to exporters, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) so that their GST related concerns and other issues can be addressed.
This announcement was made by Dr Sonia Sethi, IAS, Additional DGFT, Mumbai, who was in Panaji to speak to exporters on their concerns in an event organised by World Trade Centre (Goa) Association.
Dr Sethi said, "We are here to speak to exporters and take care of their concerns. Every Monday, in the afternoon session, people can go and meet Deputy DGFT in Goa office even without an appointment."
Harilal said, "I will be in Goa every Monday to speak to exporters and other businesses to sort their problems. Even on other days, when I am not in Goa, people can reach out to me through an email or by calling me."
This issue happened because the full-time DGFT appointed in Goa took a 3 month leave. To deal with exporters' concerns now, Deputy DGFT from Mumbai will come to the state once a week.
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