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Book on Angela Trindade’s work released


Photo Credits: Book on Angela Trindade’s work released

Narayan Pissurlenkar

Book on Angela Trindade’s work released



A book was released on legendary Goan painter, Angela Trindade’s work at Fundacao Oriente in Panaji. The book is titled ‘Angela Trindade: A Trinity of Light, Colour and Emotion’ and is written by Dr Fatima da Silva Gracias, who is a prominent historian and writer from Goa.

Angela Trindade holds a special place in the history of Goan and Indian artists as she was one of the first women to take up painting professionally. Angela Trindade was the daughter of iconic Goan painter Antonio Xavier Trindade.

Antonio Xavier Trindade was a teacher in JJ School of Arts in Mumbai (then Bombay). Seeing the struggle artists had to go through to make a living, he is believed to have discouraged his daughter, Angela Trindade, from taking up painting as a profession. But, he gave in seeing Angela Trindade’s insistence and talent for painting.

Angela Trindade was born in 1909. She moved from Goa to Mumbai and from there to the US. She passed away in Brazil in 1980.

Introducing the book, Dr Isabel de Santa-Rita Vas said, “Angela Trindade was a pioneer in introducing Christian themes in paintings of Indian subjects. The Trindade family had migrated from Assonora in Goa to British India and one can even see themes like nationalist movement and Bengal renaissance in Angela Trindade’s paintings.”

Angela Trindade also made portraits of famous personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Rabindranath Tagore among several others.

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