Global Shapers Panjim to launch social impact project



The Global Shapers Panjim Hub, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, will launch a social impact project ‘The Smart Network’ in the State, through virtual means on December 13 at 10 am.

‘The Smart Network’ aims to create a network of students, recent graduates, small businesses and experienced professionals to boost the local enterprise ecosystem in Goa.

“At a time when the entire world finds itself in a rather strange time due to the global pandemic, which has thrown into light the dark side of globalisation and resulted in a worldwide economic recession, the Global Shapers Panjim Hub is working to create a positive and progressive environment to boost the local economy and local enterprise,” said Mallika Vaznaik of the Global Shapers Panjim Hub.

“‘The Smart Network’ aims to provide a range of services, including talks, design thinking workshops, networking events, information on opportunities, business 101 toolkits, inspiration, professional help and mentorship through these networks of individuals. It is especially focused on social and green entrepreneurship,” added Vaznaik.

One of ‘The Smart Network’ events is a ‘Startup Sunday’, where speakers will be invited to share their knowledge, experience and skills, while registered participants will interact with all speakers.

“Entrepreneurs, achievers and mentors from within the state, country and also the international community are being invited to host talks for this event,” said Harsh Joshi, another member of the Global Shapers Panjim Hub.

“The team is keen to hold at least one session of ‘Startup Sunday’ every month for the next one year,” said Joshi.

He said the launch of ‘The Smart Network’ will be live streamed on the official Global Shapers Panjim Hub YouTube Channel.

Links for the event registration forms can be found in bios of SMART network project ( and global shapers Panjim hub ( Instagram pages.

The event will include talks on ‘Story of an entrepreneur in Goa’ by Ryan Prazeres (Piggy Hostels), ‘Start-Ups and Innovation are Goa’s future’ by Luke Sequeira (, Numadic, and ‘Green entrepreneurship’ by Pratap Raju (Climate Collective, Harvard University, University of Oxford).

There will also be a panel discussion on ‘Need for local enterprise’ by three speakers, Abheejit (Vruksh Ecosystem Foundation), Smriti Nagpal (Hearken Cafe, Atulyakala, Forbes 30 under 30, BBC 100 Women) and Navneet (Cafe Rasa owner, filmmaker).

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