Goa Cabinet flags down much-hyped Traffic Sentinel Scheme

Undecided on implementing amended Central Motor Vehicles Act in the State


In a significant move, the State Cabinet has decided to discontinue the much-hyped Traffic Sentinel Scheme in Goa.

Speaking to media persons after the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said that some had made it a business to run after violators with their mobile phones which later turned into violent scenes.

The scheme was launched by the Goa Traffic Police for empowering general public to participate in better management of traffic on roads.

In this initiative, any person could report traffic violations by capturing the photo/video of the defaulting vehicle and send it via WhatsApp to Goa Traffic Police. Once a traffic sentinel accumulates 100 points he/she gets cash reward of Rs 1000.

Meanwhile, the cabinet remained undecided on the issue of implementing the amended Central Motor Vehicles Act which has introduced tougher provisions for traffic discipline, including hefty hikes in fines for traffic law violations.

The Chief Minister said people will have to be made aware and sensitised on the changes in the traffic laws before implementing the amended Central MV Act.

He also acknowledged that there are issues and inadequacies in relation to infrastructure and the roads.

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