Objections raised on Chief Engineer's clarification on Milind Naik's electricity bill

| SEPTEMBER 27, 2020, 12:33 AM IST


GPCC Vice President Sankalp Amonkar on Saturday hit out at electricity department and its engineer for clarifying and offering justification for the power bill of Rs 172 issued by the electricity department to Urban Development Minister Milind Naik for his under construction bungalow at Sada.  

Addressing the media on Saturday morning, Amonkar said that some electrical engineers had claimed that the newly built bungalow was not occupied and there were some lights being used only for construction purpose and hence the bill was less.

“Since it his personal bill, I did not want to comment. But since the Government servants and engineers are justifying the bill and the minister is silent I want to tell them that we have proof and photographs suggesting that the under construction bungalow is already being occupied by the minister’s brother’s family. Also, there was full lighting in the bungalow during Ganesh festival. The claim that the house is not occupied is false. However, after the bill copy went viral,the lights seem to have been switched off at the under construction bungalow,”said Amonkar. 

“Secondly, Naik is occupying a Government bungalow and all the bills are being paid by the government but strangely the bills of water and power are being sent to this official bungalow in his personal name. The bills are issued in the name of Milind Naik while the bills should have been issued as residence of Urban Development Minister. There needs to be an inquiry why the bills are being sent in his personal name when he is occupying a Government property. 

Amonkar demanded that the government should make public power and water bills of all the ministers issued during the lockdown. He also challenge Power Minster Nilesh Cabral to begin an inquiry and answer how power bills are issued on personal name of the cabinet minister when he is occupying an official bungalow. 

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