St Andre MLA meets DoP over Curca gram sabha, other issues



St Andre MLA Viresh Borkar met the Director of Panchayat (DoP) Siddhi Halarnkar over the Curca gram sabha fiasco which was abruptly ended by the sarpanch after pandemonium over election to the Biodiversity Management Committee (BMC) chairman.
The MLA also brought to the notice of the DoP the hardship faced by five families due to lack of permanent approach road to their houses near the Bambolim military hospital.
Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Borkar informed that he has brought to the notice of the Panchayats Director the consecutive abrupt conclusion of the gram sabha by the sarpanch.
“Earlier too, the special gram sabha was abruptly ended by the sarpanch and on Sunday, too, the ordinary gram sabha was ended by the sarpanch even before taking up the proposals of the villagers,” Borkar informed and said that he has sought intervention of the DoP, particularly with regards to the election of the BMC chairman which was initially won by Revolutionary Goans member.
When questioned that the Curca panchayat authorities are blaming the Revolutionary Goans for creating ruckus at the gram sabha, Borkar said it is in fact the relatives of the sarpanch who are the ones creating the ruckus.
“At Sunday gram sabha, everybody saw the relatives of the sarpanch, who were the ones causing disturbance,” the MLA stated while adding that he has already brought it to the notice of the DoP to take action into the interference of the sarpanch’s relatives in the panchayat functioning.
The MLA further said that he has also apprised the director about the problem faced by five families who do not have a permanent approach road to their houses near the Military hospital.
On the video doing the rounds in which it is being shown that the MLA ran away from the gram sabha, Borkar said that he never ran away from the gram sabha.
“In fact, I was present at the gram sabha till the very end when the sarpanch announced that she is concluding the same. The footage that is shown is after the end of the gram sabha when the sarpanch’s husband confronted me that I was being biased,” Borkar clarified.

DoP Halarnkar assures to look into Curca VP issues
OLD GOA: Director of Panchayats (DoP) Siddhi Halarnkar has assured that she would look into the issues brought before her by St Andre MLA Viresh Borkar with regard to the Curca panchayat.
“The MLA told me that about the five families who are facing problem due to absence of a permanent approach road to their houses. The panchayat was asked to approach the PWD to construct a permanent road if they do not have funds for the same,” Halarnkar informed.
When questioned about the abrupt end of the Curca gram sabha, Halarnkar informed that she has asked for a report on the same and would act accordingly.
On the issue of appointment of BMC chairman, Halarnkar informed that a formal complaint to this effect has yet to be received by her office.
“I have told those affected by the resolution to complain about the same either to me or to the deputy director after which the case would be heard and decided,” she informed while adding that a resolution adopted on BMC chairman election cannot just be nullified.
On the interference of male relatives of panch members, Halarnkar said that she would issue directions to all the panchayat secretaries to ensure that the relatives do not unnecessarily interfere in VP affairs.
When questioned what action would be taken if anybody is found guilty, Halarnkar said, “The first time we can understand. However, if the same gets repeated then necessary action would be taken.”
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