TSI to boost research in telemedicine, E-health

Society's Goa Chapter inaugurated

THE GOAN NETWORK | JULY 10, 2023, 12:12 AM IST
TSI to boost research in  telemedicine, E-health


The Goa chapter of Indian Telemedicine Society (TSI) was inaugurated on Saturday, marking the presence of Goa on the map of Indian Telemedicine Society, a national organisation active in the field of telemedicine and e-health for past 20 years.

TSI is working to strengthen policies and infrastructure for delivery of affordable and quality healthcare, efforts are being made to create a connected and comprehensive ecosystem enabling onboarding and linkage to remote and rural populations at state, district and village level.

The Goa state chapter was inaugurated in the presence of Dr Meenu Singh (President TSI and Director AIIMS, Hrishikesh), Dr Murty Remilla (Secretary TSI) and Repu Daman (Treasurer, TSI).

The Goa state chapter constitutes executive committee members, Dr Suyog Samuel Arawatragi (President), Dr Babita Angle Prabhudesai (Treasurer), Dr Devdutt M Sail (Secretary), Dr Shekhar Shivram Salkar (President Elect), Dr Kedarnath M. Padte (Vice President) and Dr Paresh G. Kamat (Joint Secretary).

The founding members are Dr Shuba Jyothy Bobbili, Dr Chinmay Kantak, Dr Gaurish Surlakar, Dr Swati Divyal Pai, Dr Anushri Mukhopadhyay, Lt. Col. Dr. Parag Prabhudesai, Sagar Utagi, Dr Sidney Pinto, Dr Richard L. Fernandes, Dr Vibhav Verlekar, Dr K Ramananda Kamath, Dr Akshata Kotharkar, Vinesh Iyer, Michael Fernandes, Dr Hameeda Merchant, Dr Mohammed Mazhar Shaikh and Dr Keith Allen Fernandes.

In his inaugural address to the members, TSI Executive Member Dr B S Ratta said the prime objective of establishing a state chapter is to encourage development and research activities in telemedicine and E-health.

The TSI has been instrumental to partner with Government of India to formulate the telemedicine practice guidelines especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

These guidelines ensured timely access to majority of population during isolation due to the pandemic to quality health care as well as ensured legal and regulatory compliance to healthcare providers and doctors. Further details of TSI Goa State Desk are available on Ph: 9822235312.

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