Tuesday 13 Apr 2021

Velsao panchayat to seek police patrolling, action against migrants


The Velsao panchayat has plans to ask the police to intensify patrolling and take action against migrants moving suspiciously in the village.

Velsao Deputy Sarpanch Sylvia D’Souza said these proposals will be discussed and approved at the next panchayat meeting, amid growing concerns about the presence of migrants in the village after two murders involving migrants have taken place in Velsao within three months.

“We will take a resolution in our next panchayat body meeting. We will also request all villagers and tenants to have tenant verification forms submitted to authorities in case they have given their rooms to migrants on rent so that we can identify and nab the migrants even if they flee after a crime.”

“We will also request police to intensify patrolling and to act on migrants roaming suspiciously in the village," said D’Couza.

Earlier on Monday, former Velsao Panch Roquezinho D'Souza wrote to Verna police and requested them to intensify patrolling in the Velsao area and to take up verification of migrants, after two separate murders took place in Velsao within three months.

“A lot of migrants arrive in Velsao for work on fishing boats. There are a lot of migrants residing in Velsao and such murders have caused alarm among villagers."

“I have written to Verna police to intensify patrolling in the village and have also written to Verna panchayat to coordinate with police to conduct a tenant verification drive.”

“An awareness programme for migrants and the fishing community is needed on steps to be taken to prevent such incidents in the future. Villagers can also attend the awareness programme and suggest steps to prevent such crimes," said D’Souza. 

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