Canacona Shigmo float parade results declared



The Adpai Yuwa Sangh (Chitrarath), Kudchadem Kakoda Shigmotsav Samittee (Romtamel) and Dilip Kenkre (Individual Fancy Dress) bagged the top honours at the recent Canacona Shigmotsav Float Parade in Chaudi.
Canacona Shigmotsav Committee Working President Babesh Borkar declared the results in the different categories on Thursday.
Adpai Yuwa Sangh was adjudged as the best in the Chitrarath category and bagged the first prize of Rs 45,000, followed by Bhagavati Kala Sangh, Dhavali (Rs 30,000), Dashakal Stars Mashel (Rs 25,000), Gajanan Creative Boys Ponda (Rs 20,000) and Bal Gopal Sanskrutik Mandal (Rs 15,000).
Consolation prizes of Rs 5,000 each were presented to 9 Chitrarath groups, Sparkling Sports & Cultural, Shantadurga Marudev Prassann, Rayeshwar Yuwak Mandal, Damodar Mahalaxmi Kala Sangh, Paek Dev Kala Sangh Sanguem, Ganashree Boys Ponda, Sai Ravalnath, Kavlem, Shree Damodar Margao and Sai Kala Mandal Margao.
In the Romtamel category, Kudchadem Kakoda Shigmotsav Samittee won the first prize of Rs 35,000, followed by Shree Mandaleshwaar Managuru Shigmotsav (Rs 20,000), Chandreshwaar Bhutnath Shigmotsav Mandal, Quepem (Rs 15,000), Sanvordem Shigmotsav Samittee (Rs 10,000) and Navdurga Mahila Mandal Poinguinim (Rs 7,000).
Dilip Kenkre, a local artist and activist, surprised everyone by winning the first prize of Rs 4,000 in the fancy dress (senior) category, followed by Sai Pagi of Poinguinim (Rs 3,000) and Shiva Naik (Rs 2,000).
The winners of the fancy dress (middle) were Laximi P Dessai, Khaustubh Mhalshi and Krunal Velip. Pre-primary level winners were Aarvi Naik, Arya Velip and Swara Gaonkar, while primary category winners were Anvi Naik, Purab Pujari and Gauravi Naik.
Committee Joint Secretary Subhash Mahale has invited the winners to collect the pre-receipts from Kamaxi Digital Point, Chaudi, the office of Canacona Shigmotsav Committee Working President Babesh Borkar.
Mahale further informed that the Pre-receipt has to be submitted to the tourism department to collect the cash prizes.
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