RG chief targets Congress, BJP



Revolutionary Goans is all set to launch its state-level campaign against the Congress leaders as well as the BJP-led government, alleging that the duo have failed the “huge mandate” given to it by the public in the assembly polls over the years at a corner meeting held at Ambaulim.

“We will carry out a state-level campaign against the overall failure of the BJP’s double engine government (BJP’s rule at the Centre and the state) and its failed promises which have disappointed the public during their recent term. Law and order has taken a beating while the mining mafia, real estate lobby are having a free run,” said Manoj.

“There are many politically motivated elements spreading canards against us, but our fellow Goans are well aware who is genuine and who is not,” he added.

The crowd turnout at the meeting in Ambaulim showed that Revolutionary Goans have massive support.

The revolutionaries targeted the Congress and the BJP for their failure in governing Goa. The issues taken up were the family raj, the horse trading of the MLAs and the false promises made by the existing MLA’s. Issues related to land grabbing and deprivation of the SC, ST community of their constitutional rights were also raised.

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