Sawant to prioritise identifying land for IIT campus

THE GOAN NETWORK | JULY 31, 2023, 11:35 PM IST


As the House sans Opposition MLAs discussed the importance of having a permanent campus for the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Monday said that it is his priority to identify land for the prestigious institute.

“We all have witnessed sustained opposition to this project, even though we had identified the government and comunidade land to set up IIT in the State. How many times do we explain to the people that IIT is not a polluting industry but an educational institute that will benefit all of us,” Sawant said while replying to concerns raised by the legislators over the project’s prolonged delay during a discussion on demands of the Education Department.

Sawant, who also holds the Education portfolio, further assured the Legislative Assembly that he will ‘try’ to sort this issue at the earliest. His reply was intervened by Calangute legislator Michael Lobo, who demanded a deadline to fulfill the assurance.

“CM should put his foot down (against the opposition to this project). Don’t just give assurances… We have been hearing this every assembly session and for 11 years, we are listening to this…Will it (identifying the land) be done before the next assembly session?” he sought to know.

The CM promptly replied reiterating that the government is “continuously trying” to zero in on land for the institute while urging the people to not object to the project.

IIT is a major contribution to the education sector. People have not understood the importance of IIT yet. It is not a polluting industry… I will get the land identified at the earliest. It is my priority,” he said replying to Lobo.

During the discussion, legislators from across the ruling constituencies urged the government to set up a permanent campus for the institute as some also narrated anecdotes on how other states were questioning the wisdom behind the opposition from the locals for this project. 

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