Thursday 30 May 2024

A day after, focus shifts to portfolios for Aleixo



With Nuvem MLA Aleixo Sequeira being inducted into the Pramod Sawant-led Cabinet, all eyes are now on the likely allocation of portfolios to the new Minister. A minor portfolio reshuffle is on cards and is expected within this week.

Curchorem MLA Nilesh Cabral, who resigned as Cabinet Minister on Sunday to facilitate Sequeira’s induction, held the major portfolios of the Public Works Department, Environment, Legislative Affairs and Law and Judiciary.

However, according to the sources, Sequeira might have to settle down with Environment and Legislative Affairs for now, apart from some other minor ones, as the Chief Minister is in no mood to hand over heavy portfolios to him.

The five-time MLA, Sequeira, has held portfolios as Industries, Environment, Forest, Information and Technology, Official Language, Power and Printing and Stationary during his previous tenures as Minister.

“There is no decision on the Portfolio allocation so far. That is a prerogative of the Chief Minister. I am ready to accept whatever comes my way,” Sequeira told the Goan.  The Minister is likely to meet the Chief Minister on Tuesday.

“So far, CM has not spoken to me about the portfolio. It is for the CM to decide when to allocate but I feel it should be done in one of these days,” he added.

Sources said that some minor portfolios held by the Chief Minister may come to Sequeira for now. “It is not necessary that CM allocates all the portfolio’s held by Cabral to Sequeira. The decision will be taken shortly,” sources said.

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