Thursday 18 Apr 2024

Activists seek action against construction beyond approved plan near Monte Chapel

The Goan Network | FEBRUARY 24, 2024, 01:09 AM IST


Two activists, Mariano Ferrao and John Mascarenhas, have complained to the Old Goa panchayat seeking action against construction beyond the approved plan near Monte Chapel in Old Goa.

Speaking to The Goan, Ferrao informed that a residential building and a villa were approved by the TCP next to the proposed site of eco-tourism project near the Monte Chapel.

“When we visited the Chapel, we noticed that the height of the building was in line with that of the UNESCO monument, the St Cajetan Church, and therefore we applied under RTI to ascertain whether a building of such height was given approval,” Ferrao stated.

“When we got the plan, we were shocked to find that additional floors have been constructed for both the building and the villa,” Ferrao added, stating that they have now complained to the Old Goa panchayat to hold an inspection and take action against the illegality.

When questioned whether the additional construction was undertaken after the occupancy certificate was issued, Mascarenhas opined that the panchayat authorities should clarify the issue.

“If one sees the plan, the roof of both the building and the villa is sloping. So, the panchayat authorities that conducted the inspection before issuing the occupancy certificate should explain whether the roof of both the building and villa was sloping or not,” Mascarenhas added.

“If the roofs were sloping, then how come additional floors were built?” he questioned.

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