Thursday 22 Oct 2020

Authorities, teachers blamed for plight of students in Bhati-Sanguem braving elements for online study


Shiv Sena Spokesperson Rakhi Prabhudessai Naik on Saturday blamed authorities and teachers for failing in their duty to ensure that students in Bhati-Sanguem had proper access to online classes.

Naik visited Kumbhari ward of Bhati village, where students attended online classes in the midst of the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary on a hilly area.

Naik walked to the hilltop and was dismayed to witness the ground realities which have compelled students to attend online classes in the open without any shelter over their heads.

She was told that students had to sit on a rough surface in the open for long hours, sometimes with their umbrellas open, to protect them from heat or rain.

After visiting the area, Naik questioned the education department and teachers on whether they were aware of problems faced by the student community all over Goa, particularly in remote areas, while attending to online classes due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Teachers are equally responsible for the mess created in the online system of education. They are fully aware of ground realities of internet connectivity issues confronting students in remote areas and they should have brought it to the notice of the education department and others concerned,” said Naik.

Naik assured to take up the issue with authorities until the issue of internet connectivity is resolved and appealed to Chief Minister Pramod Sawant to take note of the plight of students in remote villages.

“The government must provide broadband facility in at least one place in the village, where all the students can gather and attend online classes,” suggested the Shiv Sena Spokesperson.

Some parents who had opted for broadband facility in Netravali village complained that the same had been a total failure with BSNL authorities hardly available in the village to rectify the problems.

Naik also assured to take up the issue at the party level with the help of Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut till the matter is resolved.

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