Tuesday 28 Sep 2021

Autopsy review team confirms Siddhi died due to drowning



The mystery of the death of Siddhi Naik is getting deeper as there has been no clue regarding the actual ‘reason’ or ‘motive’ that may have led to her death, and so far, only the cause of death has been known, which is drowning. 

A three-member committee formed to look into the cause of Siddhi’s death has submitted its report to the Dean of Goa Medical College, Dr Shivanand Bandekar putting the onus of investigating the manner of death on the police.

While Dr Wiseman Pinto, who led the three-member committee, declined to speak to The Goan on this particular issue, inside sources from GMC reveal that the report submitted by the said committee mentions the cause of death as ‘drowning’ and that the body of the deceased teenager had three superficial bruises. 

“The investigating police officer should investigate the manner of death, whether suicidal, accidental or homicidal,” a senior doctor said, adding, “We have done our job, let police do theirs.”

The report which is not yet out in the public domain, has not ruled out foul play, nor has pointed to it. “The death was due to aphasia. There was no head injury, the hymen was intact, no injury marks on the outer genitals, no visible marks of any injections on the body. There was nothing in the stomach, no water, no fluid and no congestion (which is caused by alcohol or drugs). That’s why the viscera were not preserved,” states the medical officer

He said, “there were bruises on the lower part of the legs, above the ankles but they were on the front outer aspect, and not inner. The body was floating in the water for three hours and the bruises could be the result of the body coming in contact with wooden logs, or bottles in the sea.”

According to the sources, the body came to the GMC mortuary at 9.20 am. The police then took it for inquest at 11.20 am and returned at 12.30 noon after completing it. The autopsy started at 2 pm. 

“It’s simple. The first look at the unclothed body would naturally have a doubt regarding the motive of the death, and whether any sexual assault had happened. The death was due to aphasia, but the manner of death is unclear. The police have to investigate the nature and manner of death, and why the body was semi-nude, and where the clothes were,” stated the doctor, on condition of anonymity. 

Asked why the viscera samples were not saved for chemical analysis to check if there was any suspicion of foul play or homicide, he said there was no special instruction from the investigating officer to GMC, so viscera was not preserved. 

“Usually, viscera is preserved in case of deaths of foreigners, as they are sexually active at a young age,” informed the source.

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