Cases of double civil marriage registrations on the rise: Viegas



Claiming that instances of double civil registration of marriages are on the rise Women and child rights activist, Auda Viegas has demanded that the government come out with a mechanism to ascertain the duality of registration of marriage to prevent fraud and cheating of women.

She said the Civil Registrars should either send marriage proposals to the police for verification, adding that the parties to the marriage may be asked to swear an affidavit that they have not tied the nuptial knot.

Saying that the authorities consider Bigamy as a serious offense, she demanded that those who marry for the second time when the first marriage is subsisting should be punished.

“The purpose of civil registration is to ensure that marital and conjugal rights of women are safeguarded. Cancel the second marriage. To prevent second marriages, there should be a central verification and the Police verification on the status of the groom wishing to register the marriage.

These should be checks and measures to ascertain duality of registration of marriage. So fraud and cheating of either women is prevented”, she said.

Saying that the responsibility of double or more registration, should be cast on the respective Registrars, Auda said the State has to ensure that women's rights are protected in the State, to avoid those traumatized women from running from pillar to post, to fight for their rights.

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