Congress will never grow until it embraces ‘nation first’ policy, says BJP



Slamming the principal opposition party for unnecessarily trying to create an issue over the ‘har ghar tiranga’ campaign, State BJP President Sadanand Tanavade said Congress will never grow until they put the nation before the party.

Tanavade also said that for BJP, the nation always stood first and therefore the Prime Minister has appealed to people to unfurl the tricolour on the occasion of the momentous 75th anniversary of India’s Independence.

“For Congress, the party comes first and then the nation. That is why all this confusion. When they do a rethink about their strategy and accept that the nation comes first and then the party, then things will fall in place for the party. At the moment, the party from top to down is at its lowest ebb. They should get involved in programmes. Then at least people will feel good,” Tanvade said.

Days ago while referring to the BJP’s ‘har ghar tiranga’ campaign, former Congress president, Girish Chodankar appreciated the fact that finally the BJP and RSS realised the importance of the national flag. He went on to remind us that for several years the RSS refused to hoist the tricolour at their headquarters in Nagpur.

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