Tuesday 26 Sep 2023

Davorlim sarpanch cries foul, lambasts frequent transfers

P'yat gets 3 secretaries in 10 days

Davorlim sarpanch cries foul, lambasts frequent transfers

Davorlim Sarpanch Herculean Niasso with ruling panch members briefing the media on the transfers of Panchayat secretaries.

Photo Credits: Santosh Mirajkar


Transfers and posting of three panchayat secretaries of Davorlim village Panchayat in a space of around 10 days have become a talking point in the village.

In fact, the ruling body headed by Sarpanch Herculean Niasso has cried foul play over the transfers of the panchayat secretaries, saying the frequent shunting out of Panchayat secretaries has affected the panchayat administration.

That’s not all.  The Sarpanch and ruling members pointed out that the government has not even spared the panchayat clerk, by transferring him out of the village.

Addressing the media, the ruling panel headed by Sarpanch Herculean wondered how come the panchayat got three secretaries in a space of 10 days, claiming this is a blatant attempt by vested interests to derail the panchayat administration. 

“The frequent transfers of panchayat secretaries have affected the administration. Davorllim-Dicarpale village is a Scheduled Tribe dominated village with locals engaged in agriculture and vegetable cultivation. People should not be put to hardships by such hasty decisions”, he said, while demanding to know the reason for the transfer of the panchayat clerk

Another ruling panchayat member Menino Colaco reminded that the Davorlim panchayat body is an independent body not aligned to any political party, warning that no pressure should be exerted on the body by effecting the transfers of the panchayat secretaries.

The member pointed out that Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, Panchayat Minister Mauvin Godinho and local BJP MLA Ulhas Tuemkar should not make any attempt to put spokes in the smooth functioning of the panchayat administration. 

“It is evident that vested interests do not want the ruling body to work and serve the people of Davorlim-Dicarpale. Such pressure by transferring the secretaries will not work. We are an independent body and we want to work with the administration,” the member added.

The media briefing was attended by deputy sarpanch Michelle Miranda and others.

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