DGP supports three Goa projects, trashes series of protests


Director General of Goa Police (DGP) Mukesh Kumar Meena on Saturday said that he does not understand why Goans are protesting against the three controversial projects that are being bulldozed by the state government. Going a step further, DGP Meena offered his personal opinion that these three projects will contribute to national development and hence, stressed that Goa Police will provide security to these works if the government so requires. 

The senior IPS officer also hinted that stern action will soon be initiated against all those who protested at Chandor on the night of November 1.

Speaking to the media at Police Headquarters in Panaji, DGP Meena stated, “There are some agitations going on in South Goa against these projects. I don’t know why the people are protesting. In my opinion, because I am also a part of the government, I could say these projects are for national development. In our place, people fight for four laning or six laning. I don’t know people are protesting double-tracking and widening of roads here. I cannot comment on the people.”

Informing that he holds a post-graduate degree in agriculture and that he has worked as an officer of the Indian Forest Service before joining the ranks of Indian Police Service, DGP Meena further opined that the state and the Centre are “much more concerned about the development of the whole nation”. 

“If you see, the double-tracking will benefit tourists also, Goan passengers also. As a police officer, I am more concerned about four-laning of the road. It will prevent traffic congestion. They should allow it,” DGP Meena said.

Speaking as the head of Goa Police, DGP Meena declared that he will ensure whenever any security is sought by railway officers by the state government and central government, it will be provided for any project which has been declared by the Centre or the state. 

“We will ensure that peace is maintained. Nobody should obstruct. They went to the railway tracks and we have registered a case and we will take stern action against those people who are obstructing government functions. As a police officer, we should not tolerate this and this is for the development of the whole nation,” the senior cop stated.

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