Farmers gear for second battle against IIT project in Sanguem

Say project will benefit outsiders, destroy environment

THE GOAN NETWORK | JUNE 30, 2022, 11:55 PM IST


After having previously succeeded in getting the State government to scrap the proposed IIT project from Sanguem, farmers and other environment lovers are now gearing up for a second battle against the project.

While this time, farmers are aware that there will intense political pressure to quell any possible opposition to the project, they are determined to take local MLA and Minister for Social Welfare Subhash Phaldessai in their renewed fight against the IIT project in Sanguem.

The farmers are also reportedly learnt to have sought the support of Rainbow Warriors to defend them before the government.

“It is not known why the Sanguem MLA, who has now shifted his residence to Quepem, has shown extra enthusiasm in getting the project in Sanguem, when in fact, the same project was earlier rejected by the people from Sanguem,” said President of Farmers Association Constancio Mascarenhas.

“The project has no benefit for the people from Sanguem but will only spell doom for the farming community as their families are dependent on income from farming activities for their livelihood.”

“The flora and fauna in the village will be destroyed forever. It is totally absurd of the government to consider getting the project back in Sanguem, despite intense opposition from the farming community

“The project will be a boon for labour and other working class from outside states, with possibility of only about 2-5 percent of locals getting employment at the project site,” added Mascarenhas.

Supporting the views expressed by Mascarenhas, another farmer, Santano Rodrigues, said the State government appeared to be testing the patience of people from Sanguem.

“How can the government think of getting the project back in Sanguem when in fact it was driven out from Sanguem at the first instance? We are fully aware of increased political pressure to enforce the project this time, but we will continue our fight and ensure that the project is driven out of Sanguem all over again, claimed Rodrigues.

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