Filming without nod at protected sites may cost you Rs 50,000!



Filming at any State protected monuments or sites without permission may attract Rs 50,000 fine in Goa, in near future.

According to the government, there are 51 monuments of archaeological importance protected under the 'State list' while another 21 are under the Archaeology Survey of India (ASI).

The department of Archaeology has come up with draft rules called Goa Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains (Amendment) Rules, 2024, which speaks about obtaining prior permission from the government for filming at the protected sites by paying fees.

“Whoever copies or films any protected monument or does other acts in contravention of any provision or of any permission or licence granted thereunder shall be liable to pay fine of Rs 50,000 for such act at Protected Monuments/sites owned by the Government and Rs 20,000 at other Protected Monuments,” states the draft, which is kept open for stakeholders feedback for a period of 30 days.

As per the draft, for filming at the Protected Monuments/sites owned by the Government, the fees will be Rs 25,000 per day with Rs 10,000 as refundable security deposit. For filming at other Protected Monuments the fee will be Rs 10,000 per day with Rs 2000 refundable security deposits. 

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