Saturday 22 Jun 2024

Govt failed to convince Goans on need for Tamnar project: Shripad

AGNELO PEREIRA | JUNE 11, 2024, 12:35 AM IST


Newly appointed Union Minister of State for Power and Renewable Energy, Shripad Naik acknowledged that the government has struggled to effectively communicate the importance of the Tamnar power line and other developmental projects to the people of Goa.

Naik also emphasised the necessity of development and criticised the use of environmental concerns as a justification for opposing power infrastructure projects.

"I think the government has fallen short to convince the people. Proper steps should have been taken to create awareness amongst the people on the need for development and the importance of bringing the Tamnar power line to Goa," Naik stated while speaking to The Goan shortly after receiving his new portfolio.

He criticised those who oppose development based solely on environmental grounds, arguing that the government must balance both development and environmental protection.

“Nobody should use the environment as an alibi to stop development. If one tree is cut, we can plant ten more trees, but opposing the power line will not help in taking the development agenda forward,” Naik said.

Naik assured that he was committed to his role and was not concerned about not securing a cabinet ministry.

“Whatever responsibility has been given to me I have taken it forward. Whether cabinet or state…what is important is getting work done and that will be my aim,” he said.

Responding to criticisms from the opposition regarding his performance, particularly his failure to raise Goa-related issues in Parliament, Naik clarified that his role as a minister is to respond to questions in Parliament, not to raise them.

He highlighted his priorities as ensuring electricity reaches every village and house in the country and providing uninterrupted and quality power supply to industries.

“We will give priority to places which still do not have power supply. Priority will also be given to industry so that uninterrupted and quality supply is ensured,” Naik concluded.

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