Govt moves to 'engage' retired college teachers



In a bid to encourage 'mentoring' in the higher education ecosystem, the State government has introduced a move to formally engage "resourceful academics" who have retired from Colleges or the University.

The "Scheme for Engaging Retired Resourceful Teachers" was recently notified by the Under Secretary (Higher Education) Tushar Halarnkar.

These retired 'resourceful teachers' according to the scheme will be hired by the Directorate of Higher Education on a contract and depute them to the departments that need them. 

It is limited to government departments, institutions, government autonomous bodies and societies, besides public sector undertakings which may require the 'expertise' possessed by the retired teachers.

The scheme's stated objective is to develop "meaningful" educational, cultural, scientific, social, rural, urban, agricultural, developmental, oceanographic and other goals in sync with the State's values and interests.

It also aims to provide "effective academic advising" to the student community.

Maximum monthly remuneration to those retired teachers engaged under the scheme is specified as: Rs 1.4 lakh for those who held the 'Senior Professor' designation at the time of retirement, Rs 1.3 lakh for retired 'Professors', Rs 1.2 lakh for Associate Professors and Rs 80,000 for Assistant Professors.

A doctorate (PhD) is a must for a retired teacher to be thus hired and they will have a maximum tenure of three years. 

The State government is to constitute a 'selection committee' which will be chaired by the Director of Higher Education to pick candidates. 

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