Gujarat drug seizure: UGDP questions if there is political link


 United Goans Democratic Party (UGDP) president Dr Jorson Fernandes said that the seizure of consignment of 3,000 kg of heroin in Gujarat has raised questions whether the Gujarat coast is becoming the favourite and most preferred route for smuggling drugs.

In a statement, Dr Jorson pointed out that the containers had been declared as containing semi-processed talc stones and had been shipped from Iran to the Mundra port. “This consignment was meant for Andhra Pradesh, which also has ports. What is, as such, puzzling is why it was preferred to be sent to Gujarat. The heroin was scheduled to be taken to Delhi subsequently. Valued anything from Rs 15,000 crore to Rs 21,000 crore, with one kg selling at Rs 5 to Rs 7 crore, the three tonnes of contraband are said to be the single largest such consignment netted anywhere in the world in recent memory. In July 2017, an Indian Coast Guard vessel had seized approximately 1,500 kg of heroin valued at about Rs 3,500 crore from a merchant vessel off the coast of Gujarat”, stated Dr Jorson.

He said it appears that there is now a big drug syndicate operating in India, whose new preference seems to be entry through Gujarat. “The authorities need to come out clear on who are these operators, importers and individuals, the syndicate running the procurement and distribution network of drugs in this country, and most importantly, if there is any nexus with any political party”, he added.

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